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A positive spin on life with self-care inspiration and tips, meditation and mindfulness activities, self empowerment and pick me ups, decor and organisation to free up space in your home and mind + free printables & downloads.

The place to go for hands-on, raw and authentic inspiration. A place that offers simple yet effective tools for empowerment, for focusing mindset towards growth in life and business.

In this space, we talk about mental wellbeing, self-care, the law of attraction, meditation, mindfulness, self empowerment, decor & organisation.

Because you only get one noggin’ …

Hey! I’m Gemma

My journey in business has taken me on many different adventures and finally led me to designing my own planning and intention tools as well as writing about and sharing my business journey.

My background is creatively varied – fashion design, website and graphic design, illustration, marketing and writing. I have a huge interest in astrology, esoteric philosophies, poetry, meditation and mental wellbeing.

I have been working with intention and practising meditation for over 6 years now. It has been a huge journey of self-discovery.

As I became so passionate about mental wellbeing since starting my journey into business and had so many mental setbacks, I decided to put my energy into something that can inspire others to look after theirs.

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